Business Casual - A Guide for Returning to Work in Autumn/Winter

Do you know how to dress Business Casual? It can be pretty confusing to work out what to wear now that everyone’s back at the office but the team at Rafti is here to help! 


Business Casual is usually defined as “professional yet more relaxed” style. Oxford Dictionary classifies it as “a style of clothing that is less formal than traditional business wear, but is still intended to give a professional and businesslike impression." This can differ by company and culture however this guide should be a helpful general guide.


For Autumn/Winter, the perfect capsule Business Casual wardrobe would include a button down shirt, chinos or dark jeans, a nice blazer or sportscoat and some lace up shoes or loafers. Let’s get more specific though...


- A sleek button down shirt 


- A warm slim fitting jumper in a tight knit (or a chunky knit)

- A long or short sleeve polo 


- Dress pants

- Chinos


- High quality, dark coloured denim jeans


- A nice tailored blazer 

- A comfy cardigan 


- Loafers

- Clean, smart sneakers

- Dress shoes


- Stick to a neutral, monochromatic colour pallet but feel free to add pops of colour when feeling a bit more experimental.

- Spice up your outfit with some funky socks (although they should be work appropriate!).

- Accessorise with a leather belt in brown or black.


- Wear ripped jeans (ever).

- Wear dirty and marked clothes!

- Wear sandals, runners (sneakers are okay) or hiking boots.

- Wear baggy tees.


Of course this differs with each company, but we hope that it have you a good guide to how to dress business casual! 

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