A Suit Guide: Colours

Suits are a necessity in every single man's wardrobe. According to The New York Times and Esquire magazine journalist, Gay Talese, “Putting on a beautifully designed suit elevates my spirit, extols my sense of self, and helps define me as a man to whom details matter.” The team at Rafti have created this suit guide in order to help you choose the suit that best suites you, and allows you to feel like you can take on any situation. We're beginning this guide with one of the most important factors...Colour!



The colour of the suit you want is the first, and most basic thing, to decide on. This all depends on where you are planning on wearing the suit, and what you're trying to convey. 

Black: The most formal colour, black is what you wear when you want to look sharp and bold. Black is also a classic colour that works for most occasions, especially when you want to look striking or want to ooze power. It also suits most skin tones and the majority of colours so it can be accessorised with nearly anything. However, be careful with black as it is less suitable for daytime wear and an unflattering fit will definitely not give you the look you're going for - it's a good idea to come to us to get it tailored to make sure it fits you perfectly ;).

New England Dinner Jacket  Everton

Navy Blue: Historically a business classic, however is also suitable for less formal occasions, such as parties or the races. Navy Blue is considered a standard suit colour however is also the universal colour of power. This suit colour will suit basically anyone and is fail proof if you are unsure about what colour to wear (except maybe at a funeral or black tie event). The only drawback of wearing a Navy Blue suit is that you may find that some tie and shirt colours may clash with it so make sure to test out the compatibility before you wear out.

Studio Italia Momento 2019 Suit Jacket

Charcoal Gray: This is another business classic that is also suitable for many situations. It is the colour of neutrality and is easily matched. Chose Charcoal Gray if you want the power of wearing a navy blue suit but want to wear something a bit darker and more subtle.

Other Grays: Medium Gray is more relaxed however is still a dapper look for a man who wants to look timeless. Wear Light Gray as social suit colour, especially in for the warmer months.

Studio Italia Staten Jkt

Tan: Another popular colour for suits worn in the warmer months. Looks good for events that are outdoors. This suit may not be flattering on everybody so be careful when wearing this out. 

Patterned: A Patterned suit is perfect when you want to look striking and make a bold statement. The most flattering patterns are Plaid and Check as they are classic while shaking up the normal routine of wearing a solid coloured suit. However, wearing a pattered suit may also be overkill in certain situations where you don't want to make too much of a statement (such as times when you don't want to overshine anyone else) and you should try to keep your patterns in neutral colours, such as gray, navy, and black. 

Studio Italia Morgan Suit Jacket

Now that you know that there's actually meaning behind suit colours, which is your go to suit colour to wear? 

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